Tinnitus Treatment That is All Natural And Gets Rid of Noise in the ear Fast?

What tinnitus treatment is successful?

The treatment of tinnitus, ringing and other noises in the ear that are caused by a variety of situations and are widely experienced, can take many forms, with research continuing and the different forms of tinnitus treated in different ways.

If your tinnitus occurs as a result of an ear infection – fluid in the ear, for instance – the obvious method is to treat that ailment. In most case, if tinnitus is present as a result of such an infection then successful treatment of the infection also removes the tinnitus.

Stress related tinnitus

Many cases of tinnitus are found to be associated with stress, and the natural reaction to this type of tinnitus is to treat the root cause – that is, whatever is causing the stress, or anxiety.

A great proportion of the population suffer from stress related illnesses at some time in our lives, and the medical industry has responded by continued research into the causes and possible treatments of stress.

Currently popular is the prescription of antidepressant drugs, of which there are many available on the market. Antidepressants operate by stimulating the hormones that cause depression, and a course of these can be very effective in alleviating stress and helping the user to live a less anxious existence. This, in turn, has been found to help greatly in many cases of tinnitus, further drawing together the link between the two.

Counselling, regular meetings with experts in the field, can also help with stress related illnesses, and it is often the case that a course of counselling sessions is prescribed alongside the antidepressant drugs.

Non-medicinal methods – Natural Tinnitus Treatment

Other, non medicinal, methods of treating tinnitus are widely used, and centre mainly around teaching the sufferer to live with a condition for which there is, in truth, no specifically known ‘cure’.

Sufferers have found that relaxation while listening to soothing music can be a help, with the practice recommended especially before going to sleep, as this is a time when tinnitus becomes particularly noticeable to many sufferers.

Hearing loss

Tinnitus may occur as a result of hearing loss, often unnoticed by the sufferer, as the sounds that previously masked already present tinnitus can no longer be heard. A visit to the doctor and a consultant, who will likely fit you with the relevant hearing aid, can help as the amplified sounds provided by the aid can often ‘mask’ the irritating tinnitus.

There are therapies that aim to teach the individual to actively concentrate on other areas, and to subconsciously ‘ignore’ the tinnitus. These have proved to be very successful for many, and again your doctor should be able to point you in the direction of suitable treatment in this manner. Similar to this is the advent of ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’, a method that aims to teach the individual a new way of approaching the problem, and help to reduce its impact on their daily lives.

Also available are white noise generators, machines that effectively ‘mask’ the tinnitus by over-riding it with alternative frequency noises. Lately, these have become customized to the particular individuals needs, and are a growing method of approaching the problems of tinnitus.

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  1. Shirley Said,

    January 26, 2010 @ 12:23 am

    I have see many advertisement about liquid drops, such as bio-ear or flonine, which stimulate the blood supply to the nerves and gives rellief to the common sympton of tinnitus. I’ve see a hearing specialist and I was diagnose with tinnitus characterized as narrow brand noise at 750he 33db au and suggest a noise devise thats very costly and the insurance don’t cover. Any feed back on the drops…

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